The Stemme-Retrac foldable and variable pitch propeller is installed in the Stemme Peak Performer S10 and disappears completely into the propeller dome. To start the propeller, the dome slides out and the propeller blades unfold. It takes just 5 seconds to convert from glide mode to engine mode.
The turbocharged mid-engine drives a ­carbon extension shaft connected to the folding propeller. This innovation allows high-performance operation as a motor airplane with a range of up to 1,722 km (930 nm).
Besides the safe and solid monocoque cockpit technology, the one-piece canopy offers great panoramic views. The side-by-side alignment is ideal for sharing workloads, using the same avionics or simply for pure recreation—just as in conventional planes.
Transitioning in seconds from engine mode to glide mode and vice versa, the aircraft has intelligent engineering to guarantee a safe change without affecting the center of gravity.


MTOM: 850 kg (1,874  lbs)
Wingspan: 23.0 m (75.46 ft)
Wingspan (folded): 11.4 m (37.40 ft)
Wing area: 18.7 m² (201.6 ft2)
Height: 1.75 m (5.74 ft)
Length: 8.42 m (27.6 ft)

Glide ratio: 1:50
Cruise speed up to: 259 km/h (140 kt) TAS @ 10,000 ft
Climb rate: 4.14 m/s (817 ft/min)
Range of up to: 1,722 km (930 nm)
Service ceiling: 9,144 m (30,000 ft)

Power plant: ROTAX 914 F2/S1 Turbo
MTOP: 115 PS/hp
MCP: 100 PS/hp
Fuel capacity (center wing): 120  l (31.7 US gal)
Fuel consumption at 55% MCP: 13  l/h (3.4 US gal/h)

Up to 8 solar panels, additional battery
Full light option
12 V power socket
External power receptacle
Gooseneck microphone

Different interior colors and premium material options with low noise ambience
Comfort seats for pilot and co-pilot
Tinted canopy (optional)
Lockable windows (optional)

Retractable undercarriage
2 × 60 l fuel tanks
Foldable wings

LX soaring computer with e-Vario
AHRS for LX soaring computer
Stick remote control for LX soaring computer
Dynon EFIS-D10A
Compass, altimeter, ELT 406 MHz, GARMIN GPS, electric trim indicator, COM, Mode-S transponder with ADS-B out, traffic sensor ADS-B in, FLARM in/out, fuel computer, acoustic stall warning, fire warning, classic UMA engine instrumentation