In Urbe Aero I received excellent theoretical and practical training, which led me to become an airline pilot after only 2 months from the end of my ATPL path. I chose Urbe Aero for the professionalism and great experience of the instructors and for the modern and innovative fleet that it uses to train its students.
Martina Favullo
Course 2015-2017
Ryanair pilot
The experience of my father, a former Alitalia pilot, allowed me to choose Urbe Aero as the most innovative and professional flight school in Italy. To date I can say that I have made the right choice. Just 5 months after completing the ATPL course I became first officer at easyJet.
Mattia Bianchi
Course 2016-2018
easyJet pilot
I chose Urbe Aero because it is state-of-the-art and equipped with modern equipment. The training in Urbe Aero allowed me to face the selection in easyJet ten days after the ATPL license. If today I am a pilot of the airline it is also due to the Urbe Aero instructors, of inestimable human value.
Federico Panci
Course 2017-2019
easyJet pilot

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Thanks to a state of art fleet of 12 modern aircraft, two last tech simulator and a great area where our campus is developed in the heart of Roma Urbe Airport with one of the best fair wheather conditions, making it the perfect place to learn and train yourself for a bright pilot career.

With over 50 high qualified instructors with a vast experience in the airline transportation our Flight Academy has become a point of reference not only in Italy but also in the European aviation market for training cadets.

Our Flight Academy is an Approved Training Organisation (EASA IT.ATO.0065) with over 260  active students.

Urbe Aero is the key for achieving a bright a succesful career and our numbers speak for itself: with 95% of hired graduated pilots in the biggest airlines worldwide thanks to our exceptional commercial alliances.


Head of Training

Capt. Renzo Gasparrini
Pil. Giuseppe Diana

Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Giuseppe Diana

Methereology T.K.I.

Sergio Calabrese
Danilo Cataldi

Airlaw T.K.I.

Danilo Cataldi


Thanks to a collaboration with Urbe Aero GmbH, a company member of Urbe Group, our Flight Academy is able to guarantee the highest level of safety on manteinance during flight operations of the entire fleet.

Urbe Aero Gmbh is equal to excellence when it comes to service and manteinance. Their sucess story started at 2012 with the takeover of Diamond Maintenance Gmbh, a company that belonged to the Austrian aircraft manufacturer Diamond Aircraft Industries.

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