Capt. Giuseppe Campinoti

Flight Instructor

Flight instructor
  • Type of Licence: ATPL
  • Total flight hours: more than 16000
  • Professional experience: former Flight Instructor Italian Air Force for Military Licenses on G91-T aircraft. Operational Officer and Instructor Italian Air Force on F104S aircraft. Alitalia Captain and Type Rating Instructor on F70, MD80, MD11, Boing 747. Synthetic Flight Instructor in Swiss Aviation Training on Embraer 170 and 190.
  • Type Ratings: F70, MD 80, MD11, Boing 747, Emb170, Emb190.
  • Class Ratings: SEP MEP
  • Abilitation courses related to aviation: FI CRI MCCI MPLI
Urbe Aero
Urbe Aero


18 september 2021