CPL - Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) allows a private pilot to carry on with their professional career for what concerns all those flight operations regarding Transportation of Passengers and working as a professional pilot, but for airline transport for which an ATPL is required. You can become co-pilot as well as captain of a commercial flight made using a single-pilot aircraft. In order to achieve a CPL, it is necessary to have a PPL

Basic requirements
– Have achieved the first class medical certificate issued by the Aerospace Medical Institute of the Italian Air Force
– Have a Private Pilot Licence (PPL)


200 hours of lessons


25 flight hours
10 instrumental flight hours made with an instructor.
Those already holding an IR only need to do 15 flight hours (the VFR hours).

Aircraft used

Single-engine DA20

Twin-engine DA42

D-SIM simulator


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12 months