CPL - Commercial Pilot License

It is only possible to obtain a CPL if the candidate is already the holder of a PPL. A CPL allows the pilot to become captain or co-pilot in all flight operations not linked to commercial air transport, as well as captain of commercial air transport for those aircraft certified for pilot and co-pilot in commercial air transport.

Theoretical training

200 hours of classroom time

– Air law
– Aircraft general knowledge
– Flight performance and planning
– Human performance and limitations
– Meteorology
– Operational procedures
– Navigation
– Principles of flight
– Communication
– Drills and other educational activitiese

Practical training

25 hours of flight time

10 hours of instrument flight with instructor
For those already holders of Instrument Rating, the flight time is reduced to 15 hours (visual flight).

Aircraft used

Single-engine DA20

Twin-engine DA42

D-SIM simulator


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12 months