Urbe Aero Maintenance Organization in partnership with Aviotrace Swiss has been offering comprehensive training since 24th September 2012 to qualify for the LMA (Maintenance Mechanic License), B1 category, in line with EASA regulations.

Course Details
The mechanical technician from B1 category deals with the Maintenance of Mechanical Systems , Electrical and Structural Properties of an aircraft  up to certify the next release to service .

The avionics technician from B2 category   deals with Maintenance of Electrical Systems and avionics of an aircraft  and certifies the next release to service

Prerequisites : Minimum age 18 years old.

Course Features:

The LMA’s course is aimed to train the B1  category ( mechanical engineer ) and B2 category ( avionics technician ) and has a duration of 2400 hours divided into different parts:

• Theory 1200 hours of classroom

• Practice 1200 hours of practice carried out in hangar

The course will take place from Monday to Friday during the daytime: from 9.00 to 16.30 ( is Expected One hour lunch break ).