If you want to start flying aircraft for sheer passion, or start a pilot career, you need a Pilot Private Licence. Achieving this licence allows you to fly and bring with you passengers although just for fun – i.e. not for business – giving you the possibility to fly all around Europe. The PPL course is divided into two parts: 100 hours of theory and 45 hours of practice, i.e. flying.

Basic requirements
– Be at least 17 years old
– Have achieved the second class medical certificate stating your psycho-physical fitness, issued either by the Aerospace Medical Institute of the Italian Air Force or by a specialist in aviation medicine.


100 hours of lessons

– Air law
– General knowledge of aircraft
– Flight planning and performance
– Human performance and limitation
– Meteorology
– Operational procedures
– Navigation
– Principles of flight
– Communications


45 flight hours

– of which at least 10 solo monitored by an instructor from ground and including at least 5 solo hours with at least 270 km of navigation and landing and take-off in two other airports different from the starting one.

Aircraft used

Single-engine DA20

D-SIM simulator


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About 6 months