MEP - Multi Engine Piston

The SEP (Single Engine Piston) licence gives the pilot the possibility to fly single-engine piston aircraft and is valid for 2 years. The expiry date is indicated on the flight licence. Renewal is made via check made by an examiner.

The requirements:
– In the 12 months before renewal, the pilot shall have made at least 12 flight hours on single engine aircraft, of which at least 6 as PIC (Pilot in Command); 12 landings and 12 take-offs and a flight of at least 1 hour with an instructor in an ATO (check).
– If the aforementioned conditions are not present, the pilot shall undergo a Proficiency Check with an authorised examiner (FE / CRE) on a SEP aircraft within 3 months prior to the expiry date (or up to max 3 months after).

Theorical training

7 hours of classroom time

The course is held in a training room, and concentrates on the correct use of Single Engine procedures as stipulated by JAR norms.

Practical training

6 hours of flight time

Practical training on aircraft

Aircraft used

Twin-engine DA42


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12 hours