Tea - Test of English for Aviation

In order to perform activities governed by instrument flight rules (IFR), or to benefit from the privileges offered by the PPL outside one’s country’s borders, as well as the qualification in radio telephony in English, it is obligatory to have a linguistic ability of at least “Level 4” (JAR-FCL 1.200). These levels of ability have periodic expiry dates (except for level 6), which vary according to the level reached (4 years for level 4, 6 years for level 5).

Urbe Aero is a recognized TEA Centre. On our premises it is possible to prepare the radio telephony test in English and also sit the T.E.A. exam. We require at least 10 days’ notice.
The proficiency test is oral, lasts approximately 25 minutes and covers three separate sections where the 6 linguistic categories described in Annex 1 – ICAO and JAR-FCL (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, ability to interact) will be measured. The marks range from 1 to 6 in each area.

The candidates, before sitting the exam, should consult the TEA website at the following link

On the ENAC website you can download notes relating to the exam

More information here. The document must be read before taking the exam.

Download and fill out the TEA FORM FORM.Fill out the form to book the exam.
Fill in the form and save it with the following name “20180528 Rossi M.pdf”. Then send it back to the Tea Centre Administrator at the email address dario.sarti@urbe.aero, specifing some preferred exam dates. You will be contacted soon with an informative email.

Section One

Introduction (5–6 minutes)

The candidate is asked a series of questions on common, concrete and work-related topics relating to his/her aviation background.

Section Two

Interactive Comprehension (8–12 minutes)

Part 2A: Candidates listen to aviation-specific recordings of non-routine and emergency situations. Candidates are required to explain what they understand about the situation.

Parts 2B & 2C: Candidates listen to a series of problem-solving role-play scenarios. In Part 2B, the candidate is required to ask questions to the speaker. In Part 2C, the candidate is required to give advice to the speaker.

Section Three

Interactive Comprehension (8–12 minutes)

Candidates are presented with a series of aviation-related images and are asked to describe and compare what they see. The examiner then asks further questions related to the images.


A mark will be given for each category. The final mark is the lowest mark received for any of the 6 categories.

The results of the test are communicated after 10 working days. The final result is issued by the single world headquarters of TEA, which sends the certificate, testifying to the level awarded, to our Administration Department. After this, the candidate can present the certificate at a License Office in the regional headquarters for the registration of the linguistic level on the pilot license.


Approximately 25 minutes