Advanced UPRT Course

The UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) course aims to train pilots to manage flight situations where an even higher concentration level is required, in order to prevent loss of control and recover from unusual attitudes.
Training will enhance confidence with potential threats coming from unusual events and will increase the ability to prevent potential disrupting conditions.
The pilots will improve more effective and timely techniques to recover the aircraft to safe flight parameters.

Course Details
The UPRT course includes:
• 5 hours of on-ground theory (Aerodynamics, Loss of Control In-flight – LOCI, Atypical situations in flight);
• 3 hours of flight training related to unusual situations (Steep Turns, Stall Recovery Techniques, Spin Recovery Techniques).


The UPRT course has become mandatory under EASA FCL.745.A since 20.12.2019 and is a Type Rating access requirement for commercial licence holders (no theoretical or practical examinations are required for this training. In the last flight mission, the student must demonstrate competence and skills to recover from a situation of disrupting or potential LOCI situation).