Advanced UPRT Course

The goal of the UPRT course is to train pilots to make them acquire a greater safety during abnormal flight conditions. A great concentration is paramount to face unexpected or particularly complicated situations. The purpose of this training course is to make one acquire greater awareness of potential threats and learn to prevent possible disturbing conditions. All this in order to regain fast an effective control of the aircraft and bring it back to a safe condition.
EASA provision FCL.745.A has made the UPRT compulsory since 20.12.2019. Completion of this course is a requirement for commercial pilots to access their Type Rating.

Basic requirements
– Commerial Pilot Licence or Airline Transport Pilot Licence


5 hours of ground lessons:
– Aerodynamics,
– Loss of Control In-flight (LOCI)
– Abnormal situations while flying


3 hours of in-flight training on unusual settings (Steep Turns, Stall Recovery Techniques, Spin Recovery Techniques)

This kind of training does not foresee any theoretical or practical exams. During their last mission, students must demonstrate their knowledge and ability to recover from a disturbing situation or potential LOCI.


2/3 days