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650 hours


76 hours

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The Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) is the Airline Pilot licence, which allows you to work in the field of aviation and make commercial flights. Therefore, it is the main requirement to be employed by airlines performing domestic and international flights as foreseen by the European regulation.

The ATPL modular course allows you to become an airline pilot starting from a private pilot licence (PPL). It can be completed in 8-9 months. However, due to its modular structure, you can decide how long it will take you depending on your needs.

The modules to complete the training and do the licence exam are 2, as far as you have already achieved a PPL (100 hours of theory and 45 flight hours) and the 100 hour building required to achieve the CPL/IR.

The first module foresees 650 hours of ATPL theory, which can be made also in distance learning (with only 65h in presence) or fully in presence. The second phase is required to access the CPL licence and the other courses necessary to achieve your ATPL (MEP, IR, English language).

At this point, you only need to get your MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination), which is not included in this training path, although it is necessary to apply to airline selections. This course can be attended in a third phase after having achieved your ATPL modular, or CPL/IR with ATPL theory (frozen). The ATPL modular course is made for those who want to start an airline pilot career, but do not have enough time to attend an intensive course (ATPL Integrated). It is therefore perfect for who is still studying or is already working and can only dedicate a few hours a week to their training.

Basic requirements

  • Be 18 years to do the exams (access to the course is allowed also to younger students)
  • Hold a first class medical certificate issued by the Italian Air Force Medical Institute
  • Have a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) + 100 flight hours


650 hours of lessons

It is possible to attend 585 hours in distance learning and 65 hours in presence or attend all hours in presence.

  • Air law
  • Aircraft general knowledge – airframe/systems/power plant
  • Aircraft general knowledge – instrumentation
  • Mass and balance
  • Performance
  • Flight planning and monitoring
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight
  • Communications


76 flight hours (does not include the MCC)

  • 21 hours of CPL + MEP
  • 55 hours of IR ME SP


  • Single Engine DA40
  • Twin Engine DA42
  • Simulator B-737NG TYPE LIKE

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Head of Training

Capt. Renzo Gasparrini
Pil. Giuseppe Diana

Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Giuseppe Diana

Methereology T.K.I.

Sergio Calabrese
Danilo Cataldi

Airlaw T.K.I.

Danilo Cataldi
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February, 18th 2022