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30 hours


2-3 months

The course to achieve the Flight Instructor (FI) licence allows you to work as a flight instructor and train future pilots, thus start your instructor career.

This licence will allow you to start working for an ATO and carry out all training activities required for cadets. You will teach them rules and how an aircraft works so that they can fly safely and at a high standard professional level.

Theory lessons are held three times a week in the classrooms of Urbe Aero Flight Academy located in the Sim Centre. In-flight training is made on a DA20-C1 Eclipse with certified Flight Instructors.

Basic requirements

To access the FI course you need to have the following requirements (EASA-PART FCL.915.FI regulation):

  • have had at least 10 instrument flight training hours on a suitable category of aircraft, of which max 5 hours on a simulator;
  • have completed at least 20 VFR hours as pilot in command (PIC) on a suitable category of aircraft;
  • and:
    • Hold a ATPL or CPL; or
    • Hold a PPL with:
      • A CPL training test that can be taken also if you have not completed a CPL training course, although it will not be valid to achieve a CPL;
      • At least 200 flight hours, 150 of which as PIC;
  • have had at least 30 hours on a SEP, of which at least 5 made within 6 months before the pre-entry test indicated in FCL.930.FI (a);
  • have had at least one VFR flight as PIC, including one flight of at least 540 km (300 NM) during which you have landed with stopovers in 2 different airports;
  • hold a valid medical certification;
  • have a valid SEP licence;
  • undergo a Pre-entry Flight Test before starting the course.


  • Single Engine DA20-C1 Eclipse

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Angelo Fulgenzi

Head of training

Capt. Angelo Fulgenzi


Capt. Renzo Gasparrini
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Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Giuseppe Diana

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