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The Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) aims at satisfying rapidly the growing demand for new crew by commercial airlines.

Urbe Aero Flight Academy is the first flight school in Italy to be certified to issue the MPL linked to a specific training project for each airline company.

This is a path for airlines that need to quickly train a specific number of pilots. It is regulated by an agreement between an airline and a flight school, so it is not a path that can be chosen by the individual student becouse the recruiting of cadets is made directly by the company.

Thanks to its modern fleet, expert instructors and a fair weather base, Urbe Aero’s MPL training has been designed to maintain a high standard of training for airline flights and prepare cadets to a multi-crew flight on specific aircraft.

The training allows new pilots to be ready immediately to work with a reference company without the need of further licences. The MPL allows you in about a year and a half to become an airline co-pilot and be employed by an airline on a specific aircraft. Urbe Aero is currently working with Alitalia in the training of new selected students. We have been chosen after a long selection process. The two-year process established us as perfectly suitable to support airlines in their MPL projects.

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Angelo Fulgenzi

Head of training

Capt. Angelo Fulgenzi


Capt. Renzo Gasparrini
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Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Giuseppe Diana

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