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Performance Based Navigation (PBN) training is based on the use of RNAV (Area Navigation) and RNP (Required Navigation Performance) for the best possible performance of the aircraft using the dedicated instruments on board.

The knowledge of these new techniques is a key factor to improve efficiency and navigational performance.

This allows you to reduce flight time, thus reduce the environmental impact and manage routes and procedures in a more performing manner in order to reduce air traffic congestion, increase flight safety and use airspace in the best possible manner.

Achieving the PBN rating for IFR flights will also allow you to be independent from ground assistance and be trained in line with the highest standards required by the aviation market.

ENAC has made PBN rating compulsory since August 2020. Thus, no IR can be issued if you have nor passed your PBN course.

Basic requirements

  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) with Instrument Rating (IR)


  • Simulator D-SIM

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Head of Training

Capt. Renzo Gasparrini
Pil. Giuseppe Diana

Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Giuseppe Diana

Methereology T.K.I.

Sergio Calabrese
Danilo Cataldi

Airlaw T.K.I.

Danilo Cataldi
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