30 min.

In order to fly IFR or use your PPL abroad, you need an English radiotelephony licence and knowledge of English corresponding at least to “ICAO level 4” (JAR-FCL 1.200).

These licences need to be regularly renewed (but in case of level 6), depending on the level you have achieved (4 years for level 4; 6 years for level 5).

Urbe Aero is a recognised TEA centre for Italy and Europe. Here you can study English and do your Test of English Aviation.

You will be assessed via spoken test lasting about 30 minutes and regarding the 6 areas foreseen by Annex 1 – ICAO e JAR-FCL (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, interaction). Your score will be from 2 to 6 for each area.

For further information on the test, please visit the TEA website at the following link, download the information file and read it before going to the test (TEA notes to candidate).

To enrol – with a 10-days-notice – download and fill in the TEA FORM.

After having filled in every field, save it with the following format “EXAM DATE – SURNAME NAME.pdf” (e.g. 20210528 Rossi M.pdf).

Then send it to our TEA centre administrator at the following email address denis.mariano@urbe.aero (tel. +39 347 8003921), indicating the days in which you would like to do your test (exam price eur 145).

You will be contacted via email containing all data and the confirmation of your enrolment.


Introduction (6.5 – 8 minutes)
The candidate will answer a series of general questions regarding their work environment/course.


Comprehension and interactions (8 – 12 minutes)

Part 2A: The candidate will hear 6 short messages linked to the world of aviation describing non-routine and emergency situations. The candidate needs to repeat the message fully (also using their own words) and then say whether the person speaking was a pilot or a controller.

Part 2B: The candidate hears 4 longer messages, lasting about 15/20 seconds, which he/she needs to repeat. The candidate can take notes.

Part 2C: The candidate listens to some messages for which they have to show their problem-solving skills. First, they will ask some questions to the speaker and then they will give them some advice.

It is possible to ask to repeat every message. WARNING: Many repeats could have a negative impact on your mark.


Speaking (8 – 10 minuti)

The candidate has to describe a photo linked to the world of aviation. They then have to answer some questions regarding a second photo. Then the candidate will compare the two photos.  


You will be given a mark for each field. Your lowest mark will be your final mark.

The result of the test will be communicated within 10 working days. The final mark will be issued by TEA’s global headquarters, who will send an email containing the certificate (with a QR code) and your mark to our Secretariat office.

The candidate will then submit the certificate to their local Licence Offices to have the mark written on their flight licence.

Basic requirements

  • Licenza PPL o CPL (Licenza di Pilota Privato o Pilota Commerciale)

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