Il costo per diventare pilota

How much does it (really) cost to become an airline pilot?

Becoming an airline pilot is a career many would like to have, but it is not something everyone can do. Let’s see why.
Flying an aircraft is one the most fascinating jobs, which attracts all of us since we are children. However, when we grow up we realise the pilot career is not something everyone can do due to the money and the amount of studying required.

Therefore, many give up on their dream and go for something easier.

Although the training path is hard and the investment required is something not to take for granted, many do not give up and finally get there.

If you are really determined, calculating how much it costs to become an airline pilot goes beyond the money and the years of studying. Urbe Aero flight school knows this and has been focused on teaching the art of flying over ten years.

Indeed, to become an airline pilot you need to start a training path in a serious school recognised by ENAC and with state-of-art navigation systems, aircraft and simulators.

The geographical position of the school is another asset. In Italy, Urbe Aero’s position in Rome allows for better weather conditions all year round for your training flights.

Your costs to become an airline pilot

Becoming a pilot means becoming an expert in one of the most interesting and desired jobs. The pilot’s knowledge is not only know how to take off and land.

A good pilot needs to have a deep knowledge of navigation systems, air routes and weather phenomena. Their knowledge also includes air law and safety procedures to protect passengers and crew.

The ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) is required to fly airliners. It can be achieved by following a modular or integrated course. Many hours of specific theory training and flight hours are foreseen in both cases.

The difficulties linked to the training path can be too much for some, but it is crucial to train professional pilots.

Studying to become an airline pilot has a cost in terms of energy and time spent in the classroom and on the books in order to learn what you need to know to pass your final exam at Enac (Italian Civil Aviation Authority).

That is why the ATPL integrated course lasts almost two years. We are talking of continuous and intensive training.

Your investment in training

The cost of your airline pilot training is quite high, but deciding to become an airline pilot is a great investment for your future.

Choosing a serious flight school, in line with your expectations as a future pilot is very important. Avoid saving money at the expense of quality.

One could say that the cost of the courses are, in any case, not for everyone.

There are actually some loans, which can be helpful, such as the BNL Futuriamo loan.

This loan by BNL Group BNP Paribas, gives you the possibility to access Urbe Aero airline pilot courses with loans from 5,000 to 70,000 euro.

If you consider how much the level of the demand for pilots in the airline market is growing, airlines will soon be fighting to get hold of the best pilots available.

Your first salary as newly qualified first officer starts from about 25,000 euro and tends to grow fast in time.

Therefore, your first investment will soon be recovered, both under an economic and personal satisfaction point of view.

What being an airline pilot implies

Challenges for a good airline pilot are not only limited to the initial training period. An airline pilot must always be updated throughout his/her career.

You need to pass a medical check every year. This because an airline pilot is the reference person for all the crew. He/she has to manage all dangerous situations and is in charge of the safety of all people and goods on board.

Relationship skills for an airline pilot are paramount, especially during an emergency. These skills are useful for a clear and effective communication with your crew and the airport authorities on the ground.

Thus, the main cost to become an airline pilot is to invest on yourself, learn to become a leader and a professional always ready to make important decisions fast.

Start your pilot career now

This is the right school for you

Another important achievement marks the commitment and passion of our Academy in preparing the careers of our student pilots. Being recognized as a School of Excellence approved by EasyJet represents an important testimony to the advanced training provided by the school, but also a great opportunity, after the Wizz Air Pathway Programme, to quickly start our young pilots on a career after completing their ATPL training.
Wizz Air has announced it’s going to open a new training center in 2024. With a huge investment of 38 million, the company is going to build a new construction of 2500 square meters, near the terminal 1 of Rome Fiumicino. This building will host three flight simulators for the training of 4800 pilots per year.
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