Thanks to a collaboration with Urbe Aero GmbH, a company member of Urbe Group, our Flight Academy is able to guarantee the highest level of safety on manteinance during flight operations of the entire fleet.

Urbe Aero Gmbh is equal to excellence when it comes to service and manteinance. Their sucess story started at 2012 with the takeover of Diamond Maintenance Gmbh, a company that belonged to the Austrian aircraft manufacturer Diamond Aircraft Industries.

Today it has become the main point of reference for aircraft maintenance throughout Europe and and thanks to our Rome office it offers the best services on Flight Academy and private owners aircraft as well.

Urbe Aero Gmbh operates under three certifications:

  • Basic maintenance and repair of aircraft,
  • Technical management of aircraft among the best known brands of General Aviation,
  • Design changes on aircraft with direct approval from EASA.

The efficiency of our service is possible thanks to the staff of Urbe Aero Gmbh which avails itself of the professionalism of over 40 technicians and maintenance technicians, of which 10 in the Rome office. In this way we are able to guarantee fast maintenance times and minimal downtime, so that all aircraft are constantly in line of flight.

Urbe Aero
Urbe Aero
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