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In Urbe Aero I received excellent theoretical and practical training, which led me to become an airline pilot after only 2 months from the end of my ATPL path. I chose Urbe Aero for the professionalism and great experience of the instructors and for the modern and innovative fleet that it uses to train its students.
Martina Favullo
Course 2015-2017
Ryanair pilot
The experience of my father, a former Alitalia pilot, allowed me to choose Urbe Aero as the most innovative and professional flight school in Italy. To date I can say that I have made the right choice. Just 5 months after completing the ATPL course I became first officer at easyJet.
Mattia Bianchi
Course 2016-2018
easyJet pilot
I chose Urbe Aero because it is state-of-the-art and equipped with modern equipment. The training in Urbe Aero allowed me to face the selection in easyJet ten days after the ATPL license. If today I am a pilot of the airline it is also due to the Urbe Aero instructors, of inestimable human value.
Federico Panci
Course 2017-2019
easyJet pilot

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