The pilot is not just a job but a lifestyle

The experience of my father, a former Alitalia pilot, allowed me to choose Urbe Aero as the most innovative and professional flight school in Italy. To date I can say that I have made the right choice. Just 5 months after completing the ATPL course I became first officer at easyJet.
Mattia Bianchi
30 years old
Course 2016-2018
easyJet pilot

Flying is a passion that has been running in my family for generations.

My uncle was a pilot, my dad is an Alitalia pilot and when I was a child, he would bring me in the cockpit with him, when possible.

Thus, I started my experience up in the sky when I was very little. Needless to say, each time an aircraft started taxiing and took off I had amazing feelings.

I then knew that I was going to take off soon and it was really hard not to show my enthusiasm.

This feeling has never left me. I knew I was going to become a pilot; I had it in my DNA.

Just after high school, I started going around the many flight schools in Italy to get some information and choose the best one. At first, I did not have a clear idea. I wanted to fly, that was sure, but I was uncertain whether to begin with a PPL and then reach my goal step-by-step or go for an integrated ATPL, which would have allowed me to become an airline pilot immediately.

My dad’s experience was crucial in this phase. The choice of the school is an important step and the economic factor is not the only key element.

After having seen many schools, I chose Urbe Aero for three main reasons:

  • It is a state-of-the-art school with great structures for theory and practice;
  • It is well organised and has a valid and competent staff,
  • It has the latest aircraft and instruments.

Urbe Aero turned out to be the most innovative and professional flight school in Italy. The quality of teaching is very high due to the skills of its instructors and their passion in transmitting to cadets the culture of flying.

Now I can say I made the right choice.

Indeed, it is not by chance that just 5 months after completing my ATPL course, I was able to become first officer in EasyJet. The skills I acquired in Urbe Aero have allowed me to be chosen among ten candidates and become a pilot for this company.

Moreover, having practiced on modern and new aircraft helped me a lot in my type rating. I found myself in a familiar environment and had no difficulties in flying and using all instruments as I already knew them well.

Apart from high quality training – paramount to stand out – when I began my studies I was well aware that becoming a pilot is very hard.

What I had not taken into account at first was all the work needed to reach my goal. The road is long. You need a lot of money and sacrifice. There are no short cuts for success. Just your good will is not enough.

When I started my training I realised I had to give up many things if I wanted to reach my goal. Thus, I focused on my studies and worked hard to complete my training as soon as possible.

My friends still mock me for all the times I went to bed early on a Saturday night instead of going out and having fun with them. However, if I could go back I would do everything the same way. I needed to rest in order to start my successful career. I needed to recharge and get ready for a new heavy week of lessons and tests.

Motivation, discipline and a great commitment: this is the winning combination.

I believe being a pilot is a life style rather than a job. Amsterdam has been my new home since I started working with EasyJet. This choice implies some sacrifices, first of all leaving the place where you were born and have grown up.

I had to sacrifice a lot, but it all fades away when the wheels leave the ground. There is nothing greater than looking at the instruments and seeing the world from above.

My next steps? After I become a captain, I would like to dedicate my time to train new cadets. Who knows? Maybe I will come back to Urbe Aero, but on the teacher’s side of the class.

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