Stay Trained Project

The Stay Trained Project

An initiative of the Urbe Aero Flight Academy designed by pilots, for pilots.

What is the Stay Trained project?

Stay Trained is a No Profit project that arises from the idea and concept of solidarity and resilience as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, but which can be applied to any momentary absence from the normal work and training environment. These periods of inactivity, especially in the aeronautics field, generate a strong impact on the level of skills, also affecting motivation.
This is the reason why the Academy has decided to launch this initiative aimed at supporting those who still do not fully resume their flight activities, through a program divided into three phases which include updating skills, reconnection with aviation market, and strategies for building trust and resilience.

1 – Flight Simulator

One of the best ways to keep our skills updated and not lose sight of important information is to train on a simulator. Through the collaboration with the Andrea Anselmi Onlus Association, managed by Captain Luigi Anselmi in Ciampino, we offer the first step of this project which involves a package of 8 hours per month on a AL-SIM 200 simulator, divided into sessions of 4 hours each. The aim is to keep updated their skills in terms of flight safety, basic instrument flight, radio guidance, and MCC. Given the characteristic of the Association, prices are reduced to a minimum rate, in order to help young pilots, training them in order to guarantee their reintegration into the world of work. This way you will keep your motivation high, and you won’t worry about forgetting something important by the time you get back to flying.

2 – Resilience Pilot webinar

The term “resilience” has never appeared as much as it does now. It is a vital feature for pilots and a word widely used in airline recruitment and training because it means reacting positively to moments of high stress and mentally adapting to adversity. In collaboration with the Resilient Pilot Association, we will provide the tools and help develop effective strategies to deal with situations of uncertainty.

3 – Market focus and career guidance

As a third step, there will be a workshop focused on the latest news, updates, and evolution of the civil aviation market with topics on trends, employment, and career opportunities, as well as useful tools to create the perfect CV and advice that can help facilitate the return into the labour market.

And voila! The only thing left to do is to subscribe to the Stay Trained Project by sneding us an email at and then share your experience through social media so that this initiative can be of help to as many pilots as possible.

An initiative of the Urbe Aero Flight Academy designed by pilots, for pilots.

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