PPL- Private Pilot License

Wouldn’t you like to go to the Island of Elba for the weekend with another person, avoiding traffic jams, ferry boardings, queues and unexpected delays? A Private Pilot License allows you to do this in total freedom and safety. This course will give you the theoretical knowledge and the ability to fly any piston-driven single-engined plane and, not least, one of our fantastic Diamond DA20s

ATPL – Airline transport pilot license

The ATPL license is the prerequisite to embark upon a career as an airline pilot. The finality of the course is to allow you to operate as a pilot on multi-engine, multi-crew aircraft, in an operational airline transport role. This is an important mission for the flight school, and our aircraft with modern “glass cockpit” instrument panels will help with the transition to a modern commercial jet.

MCC- Multi Crew Coordination

The purpose of this course is to optimize the decision-making process, task-sharing, use of checklists and reciprocal monitoring. A pilot must be able to work in a team according to MCC rules.

LMA - Maintenance Mechanic License

UPDATE: courses to become a maintenance mechanic!
Urbe Aero Maintenance Organization in partnership with Aviotrace Swiss has been offering comprehensive training since 24th September 2012 to qualify for the LMA (Maintenance Mechanic License), B1 category, in line with EASA regulations


Teaching the art of flying, making it grow, adapting, specializing and perfecting it on the basis of individual dreams and needs: this is the ambitious goal that Urbe Aero, Rome’s flight academy, has set itself. Enthusiastic instructors, spacious and comfortable classrooms for theoretical training, briefing areas, flight simulators and, last but not least, our Diamond aircraft, elegant, modern and equipped with the latest “glass cockpit” instruments; the school is perfectly positioned to implement training projects that fully satisfy the requests and requirements of all who wish to translate their passion for flight into a concrete and secure reality.


Open Day – Saturday 18 february 2017

Saturday, 18 February 2017 it’s Urbe Aero Open Day !!! You can visit the facilities, meet the flight instructors and try out our flight simulators, including a Boeing 737-800 simulator. We hope you turn out…

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Open Day – 8 february 2020

Saturday, 8 february it’s Urbe Aero Open Day !!! You can visit the facilities, meet the flight instructors and try out our flight simulators, including a Boeing 737-800 simulator. We hope you turn out in…

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Siamo lieti di informarvi che sono aperte le iscrizioni per il Corso per il conseguimento dell’abilitazione Flight Instructor che inizierà il giorno 07/11/2016. L’orario previsto per le lezioni teoriche è dalle 16:00 alle 19:00. Nel…

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A CHI E’ RIVOLTO IL CORSO: Il corso per aspiranti piloti di droni si svolge presso l’Aeroporto di Roma Urbe ed ha come target tutti coloro che hanno il desiderio di diventare piloti ed avere…

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Roma Drone Expo&Show 2015

Sarà il più grande evento dedicato agli Aeromobili a Pilotaggio Remoto (APR) mai organizzato in Italia e anche in Europa. La manifestazione, che avrà luogo nei giorni 29-30-31 maggioprossimi, vedrà la presenza dei maggiori costruttori…

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Urbe Aero offers to its pilots the opportunity to train on two different types of flight simulators.



Check the expiration of your pilot’s licence, download the form and renews your Flight LICENSE.



Check the weather: temperture, twenty, perturbations for a safe flight.



Check out our new video channel . Many movies flights, simulations and interviews.