Renewal depends on the ruling of an examiner.
In addition, for multi-engine rated aircraft the pilot must have flown at least 10 routes in the previous 12 months on that aircraft (or one route in the aircraft or on a flight simulator under the observation of an examiner).
To obtain the renewal the pilot must undergo a Class Proficiency Check, with a certified examiner, on a flight simulator certified according to STD regulations, or, according to circumstances, on an aircraft (if no simulator is available) of the same type he wishes to renew the type rating for, in the three months immediately before the expiry date.


The pilot must fly at least 12 hours of flight time on single-engined aircraft in the 12 months before the expiry of the license, including:
6 hours as PIC
12 take-offs and 12 landings
A flight of at least one hour with a certified FTO instructor (this serves as a check)

In alternative, a pilot can undergo a proficiency check with an authorised FE/CRE examiner on an SEP aircraft in the 3 months preceding the expiry of the license.


The pilot must conduct a test with an authorised CRE/IRE examiner to check his/her training/professionalism on a flight simulator or on an FNPT II simulator or on the aircraft he intends to renew his instrument rating on, to fly according to instrument flight rules, in the 3 months prior to the expiry of the qualification.


The addition/renewal of the IFR qualification can be performed during the training for the renewal/revalidation of the SEP or MEP qualification, when linked to a proficiency check.
7 years after the last expiry, the pilot must, as well as the theoretical and practical activity, undergo a theoretical exam (ENAC) for his/her IFR qualification.


Revalidation effected within 30 days of expiry:

Test conducted by an authorised ENAC examiner (proficiency check or, in the case of a single engine class rating, a skill test), to be held at an FTO or TRTO.

Revalidation effected beyond 30 days after the expiry:

–  Refresher training at an FTO or TRTO determined by the head of HT training.
– Proficiency check

Note: Conceptually, revalidation is more complex than renewal. The school’s training manual stipulates that revalidation is comprised of a theoretical and a practical element. The theoretical part is speedy and targets needs, while the flight element depends on the pilot’s experience flying SEP aircraft. The minimum is two flights plus the check.


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