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Don’t miss the opportunity to follow your dream of becoming a pilot, both for career and for passion.

ATPL – 13 March 2023

The only path that allows you to become a commercial flight pilot in a short time and without the need to already be in possession of other licenses.
Our integrated ATPL course will start on 13 March and registration is already open; do not forget that this session also has a limited number of 20 students, so if you have made your decision, do not delay in securing your place.
Start your airline pilot career now and work with major international airlines.
Sign up now for the Integrated ATPL course for 13 March 2022 or request more information at

PPL – 27 April 2023

If, on the other hand, your passion for flying is more a personal matter than a career one, then our next PPL course will start on April 4th with flexible hours for those who work and/or study.
The PPL course has an average duration of six months and allows, for example, to fly a private jet to take the family out on the weekend. Subsequently, the license can be integrated with other qualifications including:

  • seaplanes
  • multi-engine piston aircraft
  • variable pitch propeller
  • visual flight at night
  • instrument flight

Do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment and visit the campus facilities.


And if you already have a pilot license and teaching is for you, we have good news: the next FI (Flight Instructor) course has been set for January 2023.
Through the license you can be employed at an ATO to carry out the training activities necessary for the training of cadets on the rules and operation of aircraft, teaching them to fly safely with a high-level professional standard.

COME AND VISIT US: OPEN DAY – July 8th, 2023

Take part in our OPEN DAY on July 8th, 2023. You will meet the Urbe Aero Flight Academy team and find out how to make your dream of becoming a pilot come true.
Participation is FREE and is scheduled by appointment.

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Another important achievement marks the commitment and passion of our Academy in preparing the careers of our student pilots. Being recognized as a School of Excellence approved by EasyJet represents an important testimony to the advanced training provided by the school, but also a great opportunity, after the Wizz Air Pathway Programme, to quickly start our young pilots on a career after completing their ATPL training.
Wizz Air has announced it’s going to open a new training center in 2024. With a huge investment of 38 million, the company is going to build a new construction of 2500 square meters, near the terminal 1 of Rome Fiumicino. This building will host three flight simulators for the training of 4800 pilots per year.
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