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In six minutes, Prof Lorenzo Mezzadri, Accountable Manager of UrbeAero ATO, tells what it takes to become a pilot and why do it at the flight school UrbeAero – Rome

Flying close to Elba Island

A training flight to Marina di Campo airport. The student is attending a MEP class rating course on a DA42 NG by Urbe Aero ATO. After a touch and go on rwy 34 a turistic…

Flying with the DA42

Two students and their instructor around the Italy with a DA42 NG by Urbe Aero ATO

Flight Check

2 Pilots renewing their MEP Class Rating with the DA42 by Urbe Aero ATO

Night Fly from Roma Urbe to Bastia

A night training flight from Urbe airport to Bastia. Take off from LIRU rwy 16 and IFR to Bastia. Land is performed visually.