Urbe Aero

Our history

Urbe Aero was born in Sabaudia (near Rome) as Diamond Aero – exclusive agent of Diamond Aircraft Industries (DAI) – back in 2003.

The company has evolved rapidly in their over 20 years of life in the aviation market.

In 2009, Domenico and Pasquale Calia’s business intuition made them decide to broaden their services, offering training to pilots and maintenance service for their aircraft and third party aircraft.

The company’s strategic location – in Rome Urbe airport – and the licence achieved from ENAC – The Italian Civil Aviation Authority – allowed Diamond Aero to start working as an ATO.

This is how Urbe Aero Flight Academy – one of the most important flight schools in Italy and Southern Europe with over 10 years of experience – was born.

Not only training, but also technical support and maintenance.

Thanks to its affiliated company Urbe Aero GmbH – with its headquarters located in Vienna and many centres around Europe – the school has now become the main reference point for the maintenance of aircraft all around Europe.

Nowadays, Urbe Aero stands for excellence, reliability and professionalism.

The school offers top quality training to its students. Pilots who got their licence and training in Urbe Aero ATO definitely stand out in the aviation market.

The school’s international credibility has made airline companies themselves request our newly trained pilots, since they are aware of the high standards achieved through our training.

Our mission

Our collaboration with major international airlines – such as Alitalia, EasyJet, Ryanair, Air Baltic, Volotea, Air Dolomiti – are evidence of our continuous steady improvement in guaranteeing an accurate and effective training to future pilots.

We of Urbe Aero strive for excellence. Our mission is to prepare cadets to manage successfully all challenges they will have to face in their committing and fascinating job.

In line with the European law provisions, we in Urbe Aero strive to give guarantee the best theoretical and practical training, in compliance with the high standards airlines require for their pilots.

Our training path foresees classroom theory and flying made on state-of-the-art simulators and modern and performing aircraft.

Our professional and exciting environment is a further asset. Here students are followed individually by qualified tutors and supported until they get their first job in the aviation world.

Our headquarters

Urbe Aero Flight Academy is located in Rome Urbe airport.

Our site is over 2200 square metres, which include hangars, offices and multimedia classrooms with state-of-the-art tools for in-class and distance training, the perfect place to learn specific techniques related to world of flying.

Our strategic location in Rome Urbe airport allows us to take advantage of the traffic of the airport. Students can practice on the field and simulate all flying conditions foreseen in civil airports.

There are even meeting and briefing rooms, areas to prepare missions or relax as well as dedicated libraries and a shopping corner with the best brands of the field.

Urbe Aero
Urbe Aero
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