Urbe Aero ATO has a fleet of 12 new aircraft (max five years old). Our Diamond DA20-C1, DA40NG, DA42NG, DA42-VI and CIRRUS SR 20 G- 6 are all equipped with the latest Garmin digital avionics:

  • touch screens for DA20s,
  • integrated automatic pilot for DA40 and DA42,
  • TAS air traffic monitoring system, StormScope and Weather Radar.



DA20-C1 Eclipse
16 August 2016


DA20-C1 with G500 Avionic
17 August 2016


16 July 2015


DA20-C1 with G500 Avionic
28 February 2020

Flight simulators

The fleet also includes two latest generation simulators specifically selected for the best possible training:

  • a DA42 to reproduce the same conditions of the aircraft used for flying practice,
  • a Mechtronix B-737NG for advanced multi-crew training, the same simulator used by airlines for selecting their pilots.

Diamond D-SIM DA42 G1000 – FNTP II Simulator

This flight simulator, the only one of its kind in Italy, allows you to reach the highest European levels of IFR training – indeed, the same simulators are used in Australia, Russia, Austria and Germany in the most prestigious flight training academies.
Thanks to the EFIS system, training on this machine facilitates the upgrade to heavier aircraft for those who wish to make flying their career.

Mechtronix Ascent XJ Boeing 737NG TYPE LIKE Simulator

Urbe Aero offers its students the opportunity to practice on a Mechtronix Ascent XJ Trainer Boeing 737-800 type like simulator, suitable for advanced IFR training with multiple crews and also used by airlines for pilot selection.
It is perfect for achieving familiarity with the procedures and the cockpit of a true commercial jet such as the Boeing 737-800.


Our hangar inside the airport is our strength for fleet maintenance.

Our team of specialised technicians guarantees a safe and fast intervention so that our aircraft can have the best performance and always be available for flight missions.

Urbe Aero is certified as a “Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation” (CAMO), in compliance with EASA provisions.