Urbe Aero Flight Academy operates with a fleet of 20 aircraft, all brand new with a few years of life; many to be delivered in 2023. The models are divided into 7 DA20-C1, 9 DA40NG, 2 DA42NG, 1 DA42-VI and are considered the top of the range among trainer aircraft for both avionics and equipment:

  • Glass cockpit
  • Garmin G500/G1000 NXi digital avionics
  • Touch screen for DA20
  • Integrated autopilot for DA40 and DA42
  • TCAS air traffic monitoring system
  • Storm Scope
  • Weather Radar

A CAP 10 C acrobatic aircraft will be added to the Diamonds, useful for carrying out A-UPRT courses and training cadets on aircraft recovery in anomalous situations.

Flying with a state-of-the-art fleet, with instrumentation similar to that aircraft most used by airlines, guarantees students effective and successful training, allowing them to easily pass the various stages of airline selection.

The unique brand of the fleet, all signed by Diamond Aircraft, ensures greater fluidity in the training phases thanks to almost identical avionics.




11 April 2023
DA20-C1 Eclipse

Coming Soon (1)



15 June 2023


13 June 2023

Flight simulators

The simulator fleet has also been recently renewed and can count on 3 flight simulators to face the different training phases.


AL42 FNPT II Simulator

This new flight simulator is an exact replica of the Diamond DA42, built from original aircraft parts and equipped with the latest Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite. Complete with the latest generation visual system, the GFC 700 autopilot and the PBN/LPV functions, it comes with immersive graphics, excellent control load and high reactivity of the instructor station.

B737 MAX e A320 NEO

B737 MAX e A320 NEO Simulators

Both state-of-the-art simulators in terms of technology, innovation and engagement compared to the original aircraft meet the EASA FNPTII MCC certification requirements for APS MCC immersive courses, CRM training, Jet Orientation and Transition, MPL phase 2 training, pre-Type Rating intended for future and active airline pilots on B737 and A320 aircraft.

To achieve high fidelity, components are combined with original aircraft parts, such as pilot and co-pilot seats, instruments, flight controls, switches and oxygen masks.

The A32N simulator comes with the original aircraft side-sticks to provide pilots with full flight simulator level D flight control feedback. The B73M features fully motorized throttles and the manufacturer’s original flight controls, featuring of an advanced active control feedback system created to match the characteristics of the real aircraft and is able to simulate hydraulic failures, including full reversal to manual controls.

Thanks to the highly realistic simulation of aviation systems – FMS, AP and F/D, EGPWS, TCAS and the Laser 4K visual display system with a database of airports around the world, the two simulators are extremely engaging and efficient for current and future airline pilots.

Alsim AL42 FNPT II Simulator
Simulatore B737 MAX FNPT II
Find out in detail all the characteristics of our fleet


Our hangar inside the airport is our strength for fleet maintenance.

Our team of specialised technicians guarantees a safe and fast intervention so that our aircraft can have the best performance and always be available for flight missions.

Urbe Aero is certified as a “Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation” (CAMO), in compliance with EASA provisions.

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