We have over 50 highly qualified and specialised instructors in our training team. They are all professional pilots – most of them still working for major airlines – with many years of theory and practical experience in air transportation.

Our instructors’ passion and preparation in teaching the culture of flying guarantees a top quality training in which every student is closely monitored and supported.

Flight instructors

Head of Training

Capt. Renzo Gasparrini

Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Franco Mazzetti
Angelo Fulgenzi

Deputy Chief Flight Instructor

Capt. Angelo Fulgenzi

Deputy Chief Flight Instructor

Pil. Carlo Ciabattini

Flight Instructor – Standard Group

Pil. Luigi Amoroso
Pil. James Bec

Flight Instructor

Pil. James Bec
Federico Calabrese

Flight Instructor

Pil. Federico Calabrese

Flight Instructor

Capt. Giuseppe Campinoti

Theoretical Instructors

Methereology T.K.I.

Sergio Calabrese
Danilo Cataldi

Airlaw T.K.I.

Danilo Cataldi

A.G.K. and Instruments T.K.I.

Attilio Iacobini

O.P. and Human Factor T.K.I.

Francesco Labozzetta

Principle of Flight and Performance T.K.I.

Massimo Marocchi

G. Nav. and Powerplant T.K.I.

Stefano Simoni

English Language T.K.I.

Denis Mariano

English Language T.K.I.

Gianpiero Malnati

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