Choose to be a pilot and come to visit us at our Open Day. A career as a driver is unlike any other, full of excitement and benefits. You'll enjoy attractive salaries and an office above the clouds with spectacular views.
Take part in our OPEN DAY on 26 February 2022. You will meet the Urbe Aero Flight Academy team and find out how to make your dream of becoming a pilot come true. Participation is FREE and is scheduled by appointment.
The end of the nightmare is getting closer. The vaccination campaigne all around the world is giving hope to passengers along with the efforts of the aviation industry to encourage people to fly safe.
Stay Trained is a No Profit project that arises from the idea and concept of solidarity and resilience as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, but which can be applied to any momentary absence from the normal work and training environment.

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Becoming an airline pilot is a career many would like to have, but it is not something everyone can do. Let’s see why.
As part of the Italian companies internationalization projects, Urbe Aero participates, supported by the Lazio Region, to two strategic events for its business: the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) and the Pilot Careers Live both in Europe.
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