Nuovo simulatore Alsim AL42 - FNPT II

Urbe Aero Flight Academy announces new simulator with Alsim

URBE AERO FLIGHT ACADEMY starts the renew of its flight simulators with the purchase of the new Alsim AL42 – FNPT II device to be placed at Rome Urbe Airport headquarter. 

The Academy provides ATPL, MPL and PPL training since more than twelve years to its cadets through the combination of high technological devices and the last generation single-engine and multi-engine fleet. 

This new flight simulator is an exact replica of the Diamond DA42, built using genuine aircraft parts and equipped with the latest real-world Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite. It also comes with the latest generation visual system, GFC 700 autopilot, and PBN/LPV capabilities. 

“After a careful selection by the whole team of URBE AERO FLIGHT ACADEMY, we have decided to start this cooperation with ALSIM. We were absolutely impressed by the realism of the AL42 simulator in terms of flight model, immersive graphics, control load system and by the responsiveness of the instructor operating station software. Our aim is always to provide cadets the most advanced tools in order to successfully prepare them for the career of commercial pilots in the best European airlines: we are sure that the new AL42 will be greatly appreciated by our airline partners and our cadets.” – said Lorenzo Mezzadri, Accountable Manager at URBE AERO FLIGHT ACADEMY. 

Audrey Jeffroy, ALSIM’s Sales Director emphasizes: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with URBE AERO team over the past few months. We are extremely happy and proud to welcome URBE AERO among our customers and would like to thank them for their confidence.” 

About Urbe Aero Flight Academy

 Urbe Aero Flight Academy is a leading airline pilot training organization in Europe that has been active in aviation for over 20 years, first as an aircraft dealer then as a flight academy and aircraft maintenance organization. Urbe Aero Group includes aircraft maintenance affiliates in Austria, Germany, and Croatia. The Academy operates a fleet of 11 modern single-engine and twin-engine Diamond DA20, DA40, DA42 aircraft, with Garmin glass-cockpit avionics. The fleet is complemented by two flight simulators, a Diamond DA42 and a Boing 737NG, the later type also used by airlines for pilot selection. The Company is based at the Rome Urbe Airport where it has about 2200 square meters of surface area including hangars, offices, and modern multimedia classrooms for face-to-face and remote training. With over 50 highly specialized flight and theoretical knowledge instructors, the school guarantees a state-of-the-art training environment where each student is followed with dedication and scrupulousness in his learning path. The 

school is an EASA Approved Training Organization (EASA IT.ATO.0065) with over 170 students of pilot training for airline and flight instructor careers. 

About Alsim

ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPTII, FNPTII MCC & AATD flight simulators since 1994. With more than 400 devices installed and certified in over 60 countries, Alsim provides solutions for flight schools, universities and Army and offers a wide range of generic and specific simulators to cover all training needs, from PPL, CPL & IR/ME up to MCC-JOC, APS MCC and part of MPL phases 1,2 & 3. 

Our 3 locations in Europe, the USA and China allow to assist you at all times with a comprehensive range of services that can be mixed and matched to your organization needs. 

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Another important achievement marks the commitment and passion of our Academy in preparing the careers of our student pilots. Being recognized as a School of Excellence approved by EasyJet represents an important testimony to the advanced training provided by the school, but also a great opportunity, after the Wizz Air Pathway Programme, to quickly start our young pilots on a career after completing their ATPL training.
Wizz Air has announced it’s going to open a new training center in 2024. With a huge investment of 38 million, the company is going to build a new construction of 2500 square meters, near the terminal 1 of Rome Fiumicino. This building will host three flight simulators for the training of 4800 pilots per year.
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