Instrument Rating is valid for 1 year. The expiry date is indicated on the flight licence. Renewal is made via check made by an examiner.

The requirements:
– In the 3 months before the IR expiry date the pilot shall undergo a training check and a Proficiency Check with an authorised CRE/IRE examiner. The test can be made in IFR conditions either on a FNPT II simulator or on the aircraft on which the pilot wants to renew his/her licence.

Theoretical training

200 hours of classroom time

– Air law regulation
– Aircraft general knowledge
– Cockpit instruments general knowledge
– Human factors and limitations
– Meteorology
– Communications
– Navigation and radionavigation
– Flight plans and air traffic controlo

Practical training

55 hours of flight time

40 hours can be performed on our flight simulators.

Aircraft used

Twin-engine DA42

D-SIM simulator


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6 months